CEP Cosmetic

A packaging supplier for the health and beauty industry.

The CEP group

The CEP Group, specialized in the transformation of thermoplastic, is focused on 3 distinct markets:
Health and Beauty, Office Accessories and Horticulture Accessories.

CEP Cosmetic
CEP Office Solutions
Capital A privately owned company.
Turnover 36 M €.
Export 35 % of the turnover.
Production Site 4 distinct factories in France, each dedicated to its specific market:
  CEP Cosmetic, CEP Office Solutions, CEP Horticulture
  1 factory in China, dedicated to the production of lamps for CEP Office Solutions.
Equipments More than 60 injection molding presses, from 30t to 900t.
  6 production lines of extruded tubes
  High Speed automated equipments for additional value added processes (deco / assembly).
R&D. 10% of personnel dedicated to in-house processes and innovative product development.

CEP cosmetic division

CEP Cosmetic Division: the alliance of injection and extrusion technology.

CEP Cosmetic core competency, the injection molding of plastic, allows CEP to develop sophisticated standard and custom packaging, for Health and Beauty industry.
These components are produced in mono and / or bi-injection thru various mold and molding technologies (thin wall, high speed process, stack mold, complex flip top cap, gas assist molding).

Regarding the Tube segment, CEP Cosmetic launched a complete range of injected molded tube in LLDPE and HDPE, for samples size.
This unique and proprietary technology has become CEP’s core development strategy, with the use of new polymers and the development of innovative solutions for cosmetic product samplings: the minicep.

The Central element of CEP’s innovation and product development strategy is focused around the “in-house” development of extremely competitive and flexible manufacturing capabilities.
CEP decoration technologies include offset printing, skill-screening, hot stamping & pad printing.
CEP integrates most of its assembly processes in-line, using in-house automation technologies.

Injected tubes for samples size

Injected tubes.

CEP is the only manufacturer of injected molded tube that meet the requirements and specifications of the Health and Beauty Industry (barrier properties, “squeezability”, stress cracking resistance….)
CEP has already produced over 1 billion tubes and protected its proprietary technology
with several patents.

The standard range.

CEP’s tube range is mostly focused on tester, sampling and promotional formats from diameter 16mm to 19mm (3ml to 10ml).
CEP’s unique technology provides an extremely competitve and flexible capability to support both small and large production runs.
In addition to the injected tube range CEP developed a co-extruded Ø 19 tube, to offer the best barrier properties.

Decoration solutions.

Offset printing:
The preferred solution for white or clear color tubes, with up to 4 colors per pass.
The preferred solution for darker color tubes and high quality color decoration, with up to 2 colors.
Hot Stamping:
With metallic finishes (silver, gold, …), this solution enhances the visual aesthetic of the tube and clearly differentiates your product.

enhances your sampling experience!

  • An improved consumer ease of use
    With its integrated “breakable and re-sealable” closure
    minicep can be used for several days and can be totally emptied with ease.
  • An improved sustainability
    With its “squeezability”, it can provide a precise close and does not need to be overfilled. With its light weight, it is 100% recyclable.
  • An improved value
    With its light weight and CEP patented efficient process, minicep can be competitive against sachets while providing a far superior functionality.
  • An improved package property

    minicep is the only injected malded tube in the market that offer barrier properties, “squeezability” and stress cracking resistance equivalent to the extruded tube….


ergonomic, sustainable, cost effective



Mini Mascara
& Mini lipgloss

enhance your sampling experience!

  • An improved consumer experience
    With its small size, it clearly serves its purpose: TesterCEP is a true sampler with a limited use and a consumer “application” experience equal to your saleable products.
  • An improved sustainability
    With its small size, it does not need to be overfilled.
    With its limited number of components and its light weight, TesterCEP optimizes the use of its 100% recyclable resin.
  • An improved value
    With its size, the limited amount of formula within (up to 2ml), CEP patented efficient injection molded and high speed assembly processes; TesterCEp is an extremely competitive sampling solution. Filled like a conventional tube, its filling process is equally cost effective.
Ergonomic, sustainable, cost effective

Injected caps and closures

Custom design components

CEP offers its unique “savoir-faire” and imagination to realize and produce all your projects.
Please contact us for your unique project.

CEP standard range

CEP offers a complete standard range of caps and closures that can be adapted to bottles or jars with the corresponding neck finishes.


tube-dessinCEP’s “savoir-faire” is available for you to find the best solution for the development of your unique product design within your economical and sustainable contraints.

CEP engineering department will design and develop “in-house” your moulds and the necessary automated processes (assembly and decoration).

The last innovations to support CEP’s core development strategy:
• The homologation of new polymers for tubes, with better barrier properties and better “squeezability”.
• The development of new concept for sampling and testers, the minicep.
• The development of an extremely cost effective tester package for mascara and lip-gloss.

From design to delivery

Customer satifaction is the primary duty of all CEP employees
and a constant focal point at all level of our organization, from design to delivery

R&D department

Innovative product design, new material homologation, development of competitive in-line processes.

Tube development

CEP will assist you during throughout the development process of your tube with:
• Compatibility test.
• Decoration test.
• Customization of your artwork to the tube format.
• Color submission for tubes, caps and decoration.
• Pre-production Samples for your marketing presentation.
• Laboratories analysis.


CEP will plan and coordinate its production to match your requirement. From small production run to short lead-times, we will adapt our capability to your satisfaction.

Production and quality department

• Management of your specific specifications.
• Quality system with continuous improvment.


CEP Cosmetic
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